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Cool venture: West Chester, PA December 19, 2007

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Article here.  Bam Margera, of Jackass and Viva La Bam fame, is moving into commercial real estate development.  At least the ownership side anyways.  I dig the concept and I appreciate community pride and investment.  A venue with flexible show options (music, stand-up, theater) is a great way to increases the chance of turning a profit; let alone it’d be cool to have your own venue.  Not too far from NY, I’m sure Bam can talk the right people into making a short detour. 

No doubt, Bam is a crazy sonnuva gun, but he managed to leverage and develop his image into a successful career in a tough business; only Knoxville and Bam built upon their early success into something sustainable (if there is such a thing in Entertainment).  I dig success stories.  Also, Bam, via Viva La Bam, introduced me to a band that I like HIM.




1. Crystal - December 21, 2007

I mean seriously, why doesn’t anyone else post comments. Your ramblings-on about Bam are quite thought provoking and definitely make me want to keep reading. And not to mention all of your other posts about this stock market mumbo jumbo that doesn’t make a god damn bit of sense to me. I think I’m hoping for a post on how you are going to overtake the world by playing video games or maybe about the geopolitical climate in the Sumner/Puyallup blackhole.

2. theavidpenguin - December 21, 2007

You got me. This was intended as my most thought-provoking contribution. And I’m not going to take over the world vis a vis xbox live/halo; I’m going to do it by buying Jiffy Lube in hopes of funding my way to the white house. Or the ambassadorship of Netherlands; haven’t really decided yet. I’ll keep you posted. Don’t be bitter because I jumped ship and left you stranded at SU. : )

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