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Sonnuva beeeep! December 20, 2007

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Forgot that Google was waiting for approval on the Double-Click buyout.  Good one dude.  I’m still bearish GOOG as long as the MACD and the STO don’t roll over on me, but that could change real quick.  This is what happens when you bet against Google.  Never doubt Google.  Never.

Due ONLY to the fact that I’m short, I hope that EU blocks the deal over there.  Objectively, I would probably tend to side with the lone dissenting FTC regulator that saw the negative potential of this merger.   But considering that FTC approval is B.S. anyways, I’d love to see Google buy out whoever they want.  Duhhh they’re a pretty cool company duhhhh.  I hope the founders of aQuantitative remember to send Larry and Sergey a fruit basket over the holidays;  maybe something from Hickory Farms or Harry and David.  Anywho,I love to see MSFT write checks with 9-zeroes; stickin it to the man…kind of.

(Update: Just looked at trading data for Goog today.  WEAK ASS VOLUME– not even 40% of avg.  “Bam! There it is!” (name the movie).  Time decay still knows who it works for…for now anyways.  I’d use today as a buying op but I’m only cautiously bearish and thus will exercise my iron will and abstain from more profits.)

Everyone loves a Beef Stick Holiday Extravaganza!



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