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Another great bedtime story. January 18, 2008

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Ambassadorship for sale/sold.

Just in case you missed the first lesson, here is a refresher for “How to become an Ambassador”.

Can you sue the President for breaking the law?  No?  Lame.

Reminds me of a show the other night on PBS, Cheney’s Law.  Interesting stuff on AG scandal, signing statements etc etc.

 “Excuse me, Mr. Bush, did you know that it is illegal to appoint an ambassador as a kickback for campaign fundraising or donations?”

“You see, that’s what the terr’ists want.  God bless America.”

“I didn’t ask anything about terrorists…”

“Listen, people love America.  The world loves democracy.”

“That’s lovely, but you can’t…”

“They have weapons of mass destruction.”

“What?  Were not talking about terrorists, or nuke-uler weapons or national security!”

“Listen here Judge, I’m above the law.  I’m the decider!”



1. Crystal - January 18, 2008

the newness of it all hurts my eyes. and also, if you had stayed in school a wee bit longer you would have thoroughly enjoyed the constitutional questions raised regarding el presidento breaking the law

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