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“I don’t have lobbyists running my campaign.”- M. Romney January 18, 2008

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You can’t be serious? 

“The AP story that Johnson filed yesterday afternoon said that Washington insiders are on Romney’s senior staff and registered lobbyists are top advisers. Kaufman, chairman of the Washington-based Dutko Worldwide, regularly sits across the aisle from Romney on his campaign plane and participates in debate strategy sessions, the story said.”  Full story here.

I don’t understand why Romney would try to make the distinction between lobbyshits “running” his campaign and lobbyists on his campaign.  I mean I do understand, politically, why he would try to make that distinction, but someone’s getting high off their own stuff if they think they can slide that by.  On the other hand, lobbyists may not be running his campaign (by the strict defintion).  And god bless strict definitions…

“It depends on what the meaning of the words ‘is’ is.”– Atta-boy Willie, show ’em what good lawyering…is.

I applaud the reporter for making a big deal out of that statement.

It doesn’t matter if lobbyists are not running your campaign or getting paid by you.  You see Mitt, the way this whole thing works is they do favors for/make contributions to you, like “advising” without “pay”, and then if you get elected, they remind you of those favors. 

Political Lesson for the Day: Irrelevant and misguiding statements are money in the election-bank…unless you get called out.  Then you just look like a liar.  Liars don’t get elected. Right?  Shit.

Afterthought: is there really a difference between a wealthy businessman and a lobbyist?



1. Crystal - February 21, 2008

You should look into Mr. McCain next.

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