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How to get a job at Boeing. August 26, 2008

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Apply.  Wait.  Apply.  Wait.  Apply.  Wait some more.

It takes a long time.  I applied starting my junior year of undergrad- quick math….Sept ’04.  I got a callback for my first interview in March ’08.  I applied for at least 20 different ENTRY LEVEL positions and programs in that time; note I was also “attending” graduate school in the time between. 

From the time I applied for the job I got hired for and actually started was FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS.  A large chunk of this was due in part to a super-motivated contract employee that felt my paperwork didn’t deserve to be processed.

The name of the game is persistence.  That and really focusing on getting those key phrases on your resume to get through the first screen (electronic search).  Of course you can bypass all of this if you have a friend on the inside.  Got friends or family that work at the company?  Ask them if they know any managers with openings-

Off the cuff one day, I asked my boss if we were still filling positions on our team.  He said yes.  I said sweet cuz I know a guy.  He said what’s his name.  I told him.  My friend had an offer and a start date in 4 weeks.  Take into consideration that this guy is smart, super nice and has a great resume– the point is that the e-screen is a bitch.  I honestly don’t know what keywords tripped the screen for my resume.

Now if you don’t have someone on the inside, you just gotta do it the old-fashioned way.  Apply.  Apply.  Apply.  APPLY.  Tweak your resume to each Job Listing- the keywords are taken right off the description (hint: the descriptions have drop-down buttons that have details of skills and qualities that the hiring manager is looking for).  Read over these and figure out a way to fit them onto your resume.  And try to make it flow naturally; don’t drop quantitative analysis on your rez if you don’t have experience with it. 

Apply for every job that you qualify for.  Be open to moving if at all possible.  You really can go anywhere in the company once you get your foot in the door; won’t happen over night but there truly is endless opportunity.  Out of 20 people on my team, maybe 5 are commited to staying in the same ORGANIZATION.  Almost everyone is there because it is a foot in the door.

Maybe I’ll come back and organize this later, but you get the basics.  Apply for everything.  Target your resume to each posting.  Keep applying.  When you get an interview, read up on structured interviews and PREPARE.  Thousands upon thousands of people apply and only a handful get an interview but the competition ain’t over yet.  Thats all I’ve got for now; leave me a comment if you have questions.



1. saul - September 24, 2008

Pretty much what I thought. I just finished a MSME, have 1.5yrs experience as a process engineer at a manufacturing plant, and was an NSF Fellow. Can’t find anything at a large tech company, just more call backs for process engineer positions. I’ve been applying at Northrop for the last 4months. Figure I’ll just keep doing that as a hobby, who knows maybe one day they’ll call me.

2. tom - October 1, 2009

I will try to change my resume to suit each job posting at boeing i hope your magic also works for me

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