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Obama’s Acceptance Speech August 29, 2008

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, YouTube video here of the speech at the DNC in Denver.

One of the most inspiring speeches I have seen in my life; nothing short of amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of politicians but I am now a fan of Obama.  He inspires me and makes me believe that this country has a chance.

On the chance that he accomplishes half of what he says, he has my vote.  And for one simple reason: I think he understands what is wrong with this country.  He isn’t spitting out policy points that his camp tells him will get him the vote.  He is speaking from an understanding of the issues and a desire to bring positive change.  Tax reform, education and bureaucratic spring-cleaning- yes and yes.

He gives me hope for this country.  Hope that changes can be made and the true potential of this country can be realized.  I almost laugh when I think about the difference between George Bush and Barrack Obama; just think about it for a second.

Picture Bush in the Oval Office trying* to think about a tough issue- without speech writers, without his lackey’s telling him what to say and think and do.  Just him, by himself, forced to use his own reason and judgment to make a tough decision.  Something along the lines of a monkey trying to do Sudoku.

Now put Barrack Obama in that picture.  I can’t even begin to imagine how different these last 8 years, a third of my life, would have been if we had a leader like Obama in the White House.  On a side note, I wonder if history will reflect the true character of the current administration; surely one of the most caustic and damaging if not the most.

I hope that people do not fall for McCain or his recent VP-nomination; it is simply more of the same.  As Obama said, “Its not that McCain doesn’t care, its that he doesn’t get it.” She has the image that Republicans love to sell and she’s just plain attractive.  But the play here is obvious and its a long shot.  McCain’s strategists are hoping to capture the die-hard “gender” votes.  Voters that still want to vote for a woman.  It could pay off but it is a Hail Mary for sure.  The more I think about it, her image could be a dangerous wild card.  Ignore her record/lack thereof and all the spin and analysis, she is attractive and people like that.

Anyways, Barrack’s got my vote and I’ll try to sway anyone I can.



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