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The Real Sarah Palin September 11, 2008

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It is terrifying that this woman could be in the White House waiting for old man river to keel over.

WATCH THESE VIDEOS.  This woman is off the reservation and is the next puppet for Rove to coach.  Make no mistake, McCain/Palin is a continuation of the last 8 years.

Here’s another “I wonder” question: at what point do we stop putting up with politicians lying?

McCain/Palin are not about change.  They saw the power in Obama’s message at the DNC and copied that shit.  I don’t follow politics a whole lot (b/c its all spin and double talk and pr and poll jockeying), but I don’t recall McCain preaching a whole lot about change or shaking up Washington before Obama’s speech.  So if he all of a sudden changes his tune with the tide, doesn’t that make him a liar?  This is why someone like Ron Paul will never have a chance- he is honest and doesn’t engage in the political/chameleon game of “say whatever will get votes”.  He talks no-nonsense policy, but thats not what sways the average American voter (AAV).  The AAV sees the perverted spin in the media and gets snipped soundbits, photos and headlines that trick them into voting.  This is the problem with partisan politics- see previous post Most Important Political Question.  This is the circus that presidential politics has become. 

At what point do we call this what it is?  It is lying.  It is flat out deception.  Why is it ok for politicians to lie?  Why is it ok for a person hoping to lead this country to lie?  If you have to lie to get a job, you do not “deserve” that job.  PR, spin, the media, short-attention span of AAV, people don’t think anymore they buy whatever the media sells, people don’t have the ability to think anymore— all of these lead to policitians lying AND getting away with it.   

UPDATE: Check this out.  Looks like I’m not the only one that thinks it’s getting a little too deep around here.

This shit drives me insane- I gotta change topics for a little bit.  Sorry to rant but this isn’t some backcountry town in Alaska, this is for the most power executive office in the world.  F*&^! I know what will make me feel better…a funny video. I 100% agree with what Matt Damon is saying. This is a link to the actual clip. This is to a funny video spliced with clips from Team America: World Police.

I’m surprised that the Republican party hasn’t adopted America…fuck yeah! as the offically party slogan.  It fits perfectly with their supporters. 



1. Crystal - September 15, 2008

dirka dirka mohommed jihad —

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