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The Virginity Auction: a new trend? September 13, 2008

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The Oldest Profession in the World meets 21st century Marketing

My good lord, I love this.  I love to see someone challenge backward social norms/programming.  Good for her.  Either she has a brain that I truly admire or she is just doing a publicity stunt to gain notoriety.  Either way, it’s fascinating.

I wonder what the feminist response will be.  A true feminist should applaud this, right?  This woman is making a personal choice to fund graduate-level education by capitalizing on the out-dated, double-standard for sex/virginity.

From a business perspective, I also find the idea of a girl marketing her virginity through mainstream media channels extremely interesting.  Could this be the start of a new trend?  No-nonsense girls selling their first-time to the highest bidder and closing the deal, excuse the pun, in a legal brothel; some just for the cash, but others doing it for something valuable (like graduate school).  Walk into any bar or club, and you’ll see girls selling sex for a lot less than the cost of graduate school.  I got into a heated debate with a couple buddies of mine over this a while back- what do you think:

If you buy a drink for a random girl at a bar with the intention and hope of getting laid, isn’t that basically prostitution?  I won’t even get into what their responses were, but I think it is nothing short of prostitution.  How is it not prostitution?  Exchanging money for drinks for sex.  Its actually more like prostitution and gambling combined into one big ball of excitement because you are paying for the chance.  Maybe that drunk girl that accepts the drink is a genius in disguise when she says, “If you play your cards right, you might just get lucky tonight.”  I’m not saying that you can’t buy a drink for a girl without it being prostitution; but rather speaking about particular/typical situation described above.

The real reason I love the Virginity Auction is because it rebels against and challenges rigid social norms that exist not because they make sense (they don’t) and more because they’ve been the status quo/people don’t know how to think.  Isn’t time we moved passed out-dated, rigid views on virginity, double-standards and sex in general.  I’m not advocating that we drop all standards and turn into indiscriminate dumb-shits, sleeping with whomever, whenever- just hoping to provoke thoughtful reflection in hopes of making progress beyond pre-programmed responses.  People don’t know how to think for themselves and get past thoughtless responses brought on my social programming/norms, the status quo and the puritanical roots of this country.

In case it isn’t apparent, I’m very open to the idea of legalized, well-regulated prostitution- same goes for marijuana.

For those of you that struggle to see what I’m getting at- here’s some food for thought:

Sex for money is illegal.  Making and selling porn isn’t. So…sex for money is horrible/immoral and thus illegal, but if you want to film and try to sell it- its not?  How do you rationalize that?  People don’t/can’t because they can’t/don’t think.



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