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Quote of the Day: Obama September 17, 2008

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Check out the video.  Classic.  I wonder if Fox News will chop this us and make it sound like Obama is taking a stab at McCain’s ancientness. Is that even a word?  Whatever-if the President can make up words, I can make up words.  The First Amendment protects my rights to be a dumbass/American.

Twenty-six years in Congress?  Seven powerful lobbyists in charge of his campaign? One backwards VP nominee?Sounds like a Republican remix of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Fiiiive—thouuuuuuu-zand nuuuukes!!!

How can you be running for President and not understand email?  Is he going to conduct all his business with an inkwell, a quill and the Pony Express?  I know what you’re thinking- that’s ridiculous, McCain wouldn’t use the Pony Express.  And you’re absolutely right- he would probably use carrier pigeons because they kept him company when he was a POW.  Plus they can be trained as attack pigeons in times of war.  Maybe McCain is about change.

He is out of touch with the 21st century.  If I lived through WWII, Vietnam, Korea and the Cold War, every other word out of my mouth would probably be war too.  The man is old.  He barely has enough brain function left to keep his eyes open when he smiles.  It’s not his fault, he’s just old.

Just thought of an interesting question-

Would you hire McCain to run your company and serve as CEO?  Would you hire a 72 year-old man to make decisions about your company that would directly control whether or not you turned a profit? 

I would never leave my company in his hands- I think the affairs of this country are a little more complex than a single company.  Think about how out of touch your grandparents are with the modern world.  Would you vote your grandpa into office?  McCain is damn near old enough to have walked the Earth with the dinosaurs- at least according the the Palin Theory of TIme.



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