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Irony & Democracy September 18, 2008

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Just had an interesting thought pop into that waste of space between my ears.  Let’s see if I can articulate this-

Obama says he is going to give tax breaks to the middle class.  One of the classic brain-washed responses from Republicans is the “the Dems just want to raise taxes, I want to keep my money!”.  What they fail to understand, ironically, is that the Republican Tax paradigm doesn’t help the middle Americans that vote for Bush– it helps the big boys.  Assuming Obama does what he says, which I hope he will, the people that rally around Bush/McCain on the grounds of lower taxes actually cost themselves that.  This, again, is one of the fundamental problems with factional politics and it is compounded by that ever-growing epidemic in this country, stupidity.  And it goes a lil’ somethin like dis-

“Excuse me Mr. Harvard Law, Smarty Pants Obama- I’m not voting for you.  I don’t want to pay more taxes.  I’m a Republican!”

“I will lower your taxes.”

“That’s not true.  Democrats raise taxes.  Republicans don’t.”

So ironic that Obama is offering to lower taxes for the people that deserve it, yet those same people will blindly vote Republican and the tax breaks go to big corporations.  Obama gets it.  The average American vote does not.  The Republicans have figured out the ultimate scam- all they have to do is say they are going to lower taxes/that the Dems will raise them, they win and get into office, they lower taxes for the big boys but the average American doesn’t really see a whole lot, next election they say they are going to lower taxes and they get voted in again!

I wonder what would happen if political parties were outlawed.  Would there be any improvement in the political process or will this country always be limited by the stunted mental capacity? Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?



1. Naprosyn - October 2, 2008

Fun. Add to your bookmarks. And how long it took to write articles?

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