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McCain Video October 3, 2008

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Just saw this over at My 2Bucks.

I don’t necessarily agree with the commentator, but I do like to see the raw footage. I’m beginning to notice big variations in “performances” from Palin and McCain; I’m sure everyone on the campaign trail varies from time to time (that sh*t has got to be grueling), but I’m talking about candidates looking completely different. For example, McCain comes across as lucid and real in the video- an impression I don’t often get/have never received from him. He was still spewing bullschwag ( “She is qualified”) but he came across very different.

In last night’s debate, Palin came across very different as well. Her performance last night demonstrates why she was chosen- that woman can speak, she is endearing (right word?) and she is attractive. What she is not however, is intelligent; she will not be able to handle difficult situations comprised of lots of gray area and tricky nuances.

I don’t have enough caffeinne in my bloodstream to come to any kind of point right now- see if I can come back later. I want to explore my feelings about the “If I say it, it’s true” tactic that politicians use- ie when McCain fundamentally disagrees with the reporter about Palin’s experience. Being adamant and ignoring reality doesn’t make it true…or does it? Also, what is with this “I respect you…” bullzhit?? Moral of the story: people confuse speaking with intelligence.

Also, did you hear when, in detailing her “experience”, McCain cited her involvement with the PTA. WOW! Qualified to be VP because she served on the PTA? It’s gettin deep around here. According to the McCain theory of experience, Paulson should just pack his stuff up now. I was ASB Treasurer. The fact that he would even cite that blows my mind.



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