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The Biden Sigh: McCain Ad “Sighs and Lies” October 3, 2008

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First post-debate ad from the McCain camp.

I almost can’t believe that McCain is going to try to reach back and revive the negative power of the “Gore Sigh”.  Journal article here on the Gore Sigh.  I hate deceptive and manipulative tactics.  Thus, I hate modern politics.  I just sighed.

First off, it wasn’t a sigh.  It was an exhale through the nose that caught the mic.  I interpreted it as a human breathing deeply during a stressful situation- I don’t know what he even would have been sighing in response to.  Second, of all- c’mon.  You’ve got to be kidding me?  Tired, old tactics for a tired old candidate.

I want to meet the members on McCain’s team that formulate strategy and tactics.  I want to see who it is and what they are like in person.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that turned Ted Kacynzski into the UnaBomber.  It is deception and manipulation and this is for one of the most powerful elected positions in the world.



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