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Allow myself to introduce…myself.  Dropped out of law school in December ’07.   New employee (Aerospace) but always thinking about how to change that last “e” to a “r”.  Book nut.  Movie nut.  Dog nut.  Racquet/paddle sports enthusiast.  Halo/COD4 addict.  All-around nerd.  My dream is to be able to live the life I want without “working” for my income.  Goal: April 2014.

RULES—“This is not ‘Nam, Walter; there are f*&%^& rules!”  The Big Lebowski

Read.  Agree?  Disagree?  Discuss.  It’s less funner if you doesn’t leaved commence.

First rule of TheAvidPenguin is…do not talk about TheAP.  Put me in your blogroll, add me to your favorites so you can come back, put me on your RSS feed AND MOST IMPORTANTLY—-leave comments!  Just writing this stuff is fun for me but I like to know what other people are thinking AND I like to argue.

I do this just to keep a record of my thoughts but also as an experiment to see if people like my ideas and writing.  Fun to see how much traffic I can generate.  Anywho, hope you get something out of it: laughter, reflection or blinding rage- any reaction is better than no reaction.



1. SwinePrincess aka Stag Tonnage Palin - September 18, 2008

love your baby penguins threat… can’t wait to read everything but I have to… life calls

2. unastronaut. - September 18, 2008

Hey, I’m liking what I see around here. I’ll probably add a link to my blogroll if that’s cool. I hear you on the dream. When did a human being’s time become a commodity? And when did we stop rewarding good ideas?

3. Anthony Brown - October 30, 2008

What sparked your interest in Penguins?

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