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The Obama Transition November 9, 2008

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Interesting article from Wired- “Bush Revelations Anticipated When Obama is Sworn In

This is one of those things where you want to know, but you don’t want to know.


More on the true character of Palin October 7, 2008

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In case you weren’t convinced of the Palin M.O.- read this.

Calling Mrs.- I mean Mr. Palin’s snowmobiling HOBBY a business is ridiculous. Shows that is willing and able to play with legal fire. I wonder if the great State of Alaska footed the bill for the the attorney to file family tax return?
I just had an “oh shit moment”…is this what she means when she has “small business experience”?

I can’t wait for this to come out.

Who to Blame Video October 3, 2008

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This video makes it look like Obama has some pretty ugly ties to the Mortgage Industry.
Decide for yourself.

The Biden Sigh: McCain Ad “Sighs and Lies” October 3, 2008

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First post-debate ad from the McCain camp.

I almost can’t believe that McCain is going to try to reach back and revive the negative power of the “Gore Sigh”.  Journal article here on the Gore Sigh.  I hate deceptive and manipulative tactics.  Thus, I hate modern politics.  I just sighed.

First off, it wasn’t a sigh.  It was an exhale through the nose that caught the mic.  I interpreted it as a human breathing deeply during a stressful situation- I don’t know what he even would have been sighing in response to.  Second, of all- c’mon.  You’ve got to be kidding me?  Tired, old tactics for a tired old candidate.

I want to meet the members on McCain’s team that formulate strategy and tactics.  I want to see who it is and what they are like in person.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that turned Ted Kacynzski into the UnaBomber.  It is deception and manipulation and this is for one of the most powerful elected positions in the world.

McCain Video October 3, 2008

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Just saw this over at My 2Bucks.

I don’t necessarily agree with the commentator, but I do like to see the raw footage. I’m beginning to notice big variations in “performances” from Palin and McCain; I’m sure everyone on the campaign trail varies from time to time (that sh*t has got to be grueling), but I’m talking about candidates looking completely different. For example, McCain comes across as lucid and real in the video- an impression I don’t often get/have never received from him. He was still spewing bullschwag ( “She is qualified”) but he came across very different.

In last night’s debate, Palin came across very different as well. Her performance last night demonstrates why she was chosen- that woman can speak, she is endearing (right word?) and she is attractive. What she is not however, is intelligent; she will not be able to handle difficult situations comprised of lots of gray area and tricky nuances.

I don’t have enough caffeinne in my bloodstream to come to any kind of point right now- see if I can come back later. I want to explore my feelings about the “If I say it, it’s true” tactic that politicians use- ie when McCain fundamentally disagrees with the reporter about Palin’s experience. Being adamant and ignoring reality doesn’t make it true…or does it? Also, what is with this “I respect you…” bullzhit?? Moral of the story: people confuse speaking with intelligence.

Also, did you hear when, in detailing her “experience”, McCain cited her involvement with the PTA. WOW! Qualified to be VP because she served on the PTA? It’s gettin deep around here. According to the McCain theory of experience, Paulson should just pack his stuff up now. I was ASB Treasurer. The fact that he would even cite that blows my mind.

VP Debate Drinking Game October 1, 2008

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I’m sure there are plenty of variations out there but just saw this over at Slander ’08.

Crazy to think that it feels like a lot of people are expecting a circus with the vice presidential debate.

Haven’t really thought about it too much, but I don’t really like Joe Biden: career politician, arrogant, refers to himself in the third-person. Maybe Obama has a different experience with the guy but it seems like he was picked to shore up two “weak” spots with Obama- experience at the national and foreign level.

Who knows? It’s so hard to get an accurate feel for someone when you only see clips and hear bytes. Regardless, my snap judgment is that I don’t like Biden. If it keeps McCain out of the White House, I don’t really care though; all is well that ends well.

Hopefully the debate goes well tomorrow night. By that I mean, I hope Palin continues to look like a retard AND, more importantly, Biden doesn’t come across as condescending. No one likes a smug Senator turning his nose up at the cute, small-town girl.

I wonder how people around the world feel about the possibility that the American people might vote someone like Palin into the Vice President’s office.

Sonnuva… October 1, 2008

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How not to start your Wednesday off? Hit a parked car while trying to parallel park in the dark.  Should’ve called in sick today.

This always makes me smile-

Miss Teen USA 2007: South Carolina

I wonder if Palin and her had the same pageant coach?

Polling Question 9/30/08: McCain – Palin September 30, 2008

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Should McCain ask Sarah Palin to step aside?

The long answer is…yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.

Should Palin bow-out on her own? Yes.

Will it happen? Dunno.

Palin leaving would be admitting mistake and I don’t know if a presidential campaign can survive a debacle like that. I don’t know if it can survive a debacle like Palin to begin with.

Watching the Couric interview was awkward…and I can’t stand Palin. I want to see her trip and fumble over her own stupidity. McCain has been making some serious missteps in his campaign; nothing could make me happier. He looked like a GD robot giving his statement last night- eyes staring off in to nothing while he spouted off a broken fragments. He looked like the Manchurian Candidate.

Does it make you uneasy that McCain didn’t make eye contact with Obama?

I don’t know why but it makes me feel uneasy. I got the same feeling watching him last night. Part of it is because it just looks weird, but the other part is that it comes across like he is not being honest or genuine. Like if he made eye contact with someone, he would break character and unravel.

Anywho- polling question of the day?

Do you think Palin will bow out?

1) Yes.

2) No.

3) I hope for whatever keeps McCain out of the White House.

SNL video here if you haven’t seen it.

McCain Owns How Many Homes? September 22, 2008

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I’ve been hearing about this for the last month or however long it has been.  Article from Politico here.  Two things in the article catch my eye.

First, McCain spends a lotof money on “household help”.  “The McCains increased their budget for household employees from $184,000 in 2006 to $273,000 in 2007, according to John McCain’s tax returns.”  How can you be in touch with the American public when you spend that much money on “the help”?  Most Americans won’t EARN that much in 4+ years let alone spend it on a luxury item in a SINGLE YEAR.

Second, McCain’s wife, Cindy, comes from a very wealthy family.  The article mentions several times that many of the McCain homes are purchased using Cindy’s trust(s).  This sets off the warning bells because at that level of wealth, the rules are different.  That kind of money allows you to operate in a completely different environment than the rest of us.  I need some caffeine before I can fully articulate this point, but I just don’t like the idea of elitist politicians.  They live in a completely different world.  When you have the connections, the money and the $900/hr attorneys, the rules are different.  Do we really want another elitist President?

Irony & Democracy September 18, 2008

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Just had an interesting thought pop into that waste of space between my ears.  Let’s see if I can articulate this-

Obama says he is going to give tax breaks to the middle class.  One of the classic brain-washed responses from Republicans is the “the Dems just want to raise taxes, I want to keep my money!”.  What they fail to understand, ironically, is that the Republican Tax paradigm doesn’t help the middle Americans that vote for Bush– it helps the big boys.  Assuming Obama does what he says, which I hope he will, the people that rally around Bush/McCain on the grounds of lower taxes actually cost themselves that.  This, again, is one of the fundamental problems with factional politics and it is compounded by that ever-growing epidemic in this country, stupidity.  And it goes a lil’ somethin like dis-

“Excuse me Mr. Harvard Law, Smarty Pants Obama- I’m not voting for you.  I don’t want to pay more taxes.  I’m a Republican!”

“I will lower your taxes.”

“That’s not true.  Democrats raise taxes.  Republicans don’t.”

So ironic that Obama is offering to lower taxes for the people that deserve it, yet those same people will blindly vote Republican and the tax breaks go to big corporations.  Obama gets it.  The average American vote does not.  The Republicans have figured out the ultimate scam- all they have to do is say they are going to lower taxes/that the Dems will raise them, they win and get into office, they lower taxes for the big boys but the average American doesn’t really see a whole lot, next election they say they are going to lower taxes and they get voted in again!

I wonder what would happen if political parties were outlawed.  Would there be any improvement in the political process or will this country always be limited by the stunted mental capacity? Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?