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My first post…

I got shot today…

Today has been a long day. Where to begin? How about the beginning. For those of you not lucky enough to be in Contracts (A) this beautiful morn, (this weather has been awesome. Has it not?) allow me to share. I was lucky enough to catch Professor Mahmud’s interest on the hit-list/seating chart, and was thought I was also lucky enough to get an easy case. I was wrong. After the initial shock of the “Shit! Did-he-just-call-on-me?” feeling wore off and settled to the “Sonnuva, this-is-gonna-suck…”, I attempted to answer the basic “What is going on here?”. Easy, right? Wrong. Silly 1L, responding intelligently and coherently is for 2L’s.

Instead of walking through the questions nice and easy, I decided it would be a good idea to irritate the firing squad. My response landed somewhere between “I’-didn’t-prepare-well-enough-for-class” and “I-ride-the-short-bus”. Shortly after this, my brain decided that it was going to take a break for the remainder of the interrogation. Thanks brain. I wasn’t really that into you anyways, but I know you’ll be back so I forgive you.

At this point, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had written the damn book. You could have asked me my name and I would have responded with confused look and flipped through the pages.

“What rule did the court apply, Mr. Avid Penguin?”. (note: Mr. AP is not my real name)
“Uhhh, derrr. They. Promise.”
“You are wasting our time Mr. Avid Penguin.”
“When in Rome…”.

You can imagine how the rest went. More questions. More of me showing everyone how intelligent I am. More questions… Finally, the questions about the case were over. A cease fire. The light at the end of the tunnel had come. Wrong again. Turns out it was just the glare from the scope of the sniper rifle. Although wounded, I was not quite dead. Accordingly, the fun was not quite over either.

Naturally, at this juncture in my Magnum Opus, a discussion of my class preparation was in order. Fortunately, I could answer these questions without the waste of space between my ears; supra Brain Vacation.

“You’re a dumbass, Mr. AP.”
“Thank you, Professor. I try.”.

The coupe de grace came in the form of a personal invitation to a post-trial conference. Which turns out was just for show.

Overall, great experience. Who knew getting shot could feel so good. Sure, I looked like a dumbass, but its good to get kicked in the nuts every now and again. Makes you appreciate not getting kicked in the nuts a whole lot more. If/when you get assasinated, drop me a line and we can make jokes.

Maybe I would have been better prepared if I hadn’t been reading “less-important” material. I want to take the Nov. 75 call on HET, but am not quite sure if Harrah’s wants to go private. Thoughts? Feelings? Etc. Etc.

Footnotes for today:
1) Windows Professional is a joke.
2) The line between zealous representation and bias presentation is interesting.



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